Excelsior kit

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excelsior_bridge1.jpg excelsior_bridge2.jpg DSC_2097.JPG
CAD model (v0.1) for ST-VI bridge officers lounge/conference deck needs some tweaking It's quite small...
excelsior_bridge3.jpg DSC_2100.JPG DSC_2101.JPG
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new neck - layers of 0.8mm black styrene A test assembly to see where it's going to need extra support.
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Getting the top and bottom of the saucer to fit together is going to be the hardest part. It' s going to need some help to keep everything level. I can reduce weight in the nacelles by vacforming the tops and rebuilding the middle sections from styrene (like the neck). 3 pieces of 5mm threaded rod connect saucer through neck into secondary top deck. Note top of secondary hull is being replaced with a piece of 6mm thick acrylic.
DSC_2132.JPG DSC_2272.JPG
The USS Cialis :/